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First-Person Caption: The Sorority Sissy Part 2 by HassouTobi27 First-Person Caption: The Sorority Sissy Part 2 by HassouTobi27

It had been two months since you'd been caught lighting the Barbies' dresses on fire, beginning your new punishment of living as their sorority sissy. Even worse, you now had to attend college as a woman. Your name was legally changed to "Steffi" and your class schedule was completely reworked. The girls took you out of courses like Engineering and Marine Biology and put you in Theatre, Costume Design, Beautification, and Shop. You had to act like a girl 24/7, and anything you did that made the girls upset resulted in the dildo implanted in your butt vibrating at full power, resulting in you collapsing to the floor in pleasure. The girls were in control of your wardrobe, your finances, and all of your social plans. You were also forced to move out of your dorm and into the guest room of their sorority, where they could continue your feminization much easier.

As the days went on and you were further guided down the path to femininity, however, you began to enjoy it. Before you had put on your boy clothes and played a round of Final Fantasy XV or Halo: Reach. But now, doing that didn't feel the same. You had gotten so used to wearing your perfectly feminine attire, the clothes you once wore every day felt alien to you. You also felt your desire to play those gross, "manly" video games fade away as time went on, spending more and more time in front of the mirror. You began to enjoy your new classes, and even started a relationship with a kind guy named Josh that the Barbies had set you up with. After a while, you stopped using your old name entirely, deciding to embrace your life as "Steffi" head-on...

sissyPriscille Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
is there still place in the sorority for more sissy's??????
part 3?
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