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Crossplay Chaos Part 2: A Request for Nay1260 by HassouTobi27 Crossplay Chaos Part 2: A Request for Nay1260 by HassouTobi27
Triss and the Witcher series are property of CD Projekt RED.


Much to Nathan's suprise, his Elizabeth crossplay was a huge success! While he may not have won the contest at RICC, he did get second place, and lots of his new fans said he should've won. This proved to Nathan that this was far from the last time he'd be crossplaying.

For his next costume, Nathan decided to dress as Triss from the Witcher. He gathered the materials and began to get himself looking feminine. He did his own makeup, applying lipstick dilligently and placing in green contacts. He applied fake freckles to his face, fitting nicely with his curly redhead wig. He also used a padded corset and breastforms to give himself the illusion of a female body, as well as a special pair of panties that hid his "little man." By the time he was done, he was shocked with how good he looked. He was going to win the Comikaze cosplay contest for sure!

As he drove down to the con, he was very suprised to get catcalls from both men and women, none of whom realized he was a man behind all that makeup and padding. Unlike his somewhat-unconvincing Elizabeth attire, everyone thought he was a woman when he was dressed as Triss! Unfortunately, this distracted him from the fact that a man fully-dressed in black had managed to sneak into the back of his car, injecting him with a knockout drug to ensure Nathan wouldn't scream...

Rasgriz-1 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Sexy and scary. 
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